A Region caring for the environment, and taking action when needed

The Far West Region is part of the Murray Darling Basin River system and the Menindee Lakes situation in 2019 highlighted the complexity and fragility of this important natural river and wetland system. The FWJO acknowledges the multi service, government and local partnerships that are involved in finding solutions and has an opportunity to consider what influence the FWJO can have in relation to this.
The natural environment has eco-tourism opportunities, and there are significant indigenous sites of cultural importance.

• Food and Water Security

• Sustainable River and Wetland Systems and Infrastructure

• Investigate and monitor the impacts of Climate Change manifesting in a Region Wide Risk Assessment and Adaptation Plan

Stronger Regions
Regional Priorities
Establish strategic regional priorities and develop strategies for their delivery
Regional Leadership
Provide regional leadership and advocacy
Economic Opportunities
Identify and take up opportunities for economic development