Enabling vibrant regional futures through collaborative and effective leadership

Looking forward to the future

Supporting member councils to achieve their goals the FWJO is takes a proactive approach to increasing engagement and lobbying at State government level.  Through its effective leadership, the FWJO Board determines the strategic direction of the FWJO, bringing its localised knowledge to inform the NSW government of the unique needs and issues impacting the economy and wellbeing of the remote Far West NSW region as a whole.

The FWJO as part of the joint organisation network, participates in the JO Chairs and Executive Officers meetings which provide to discuss future opportunities, collaborate and meet with Ministers of Parliament.  Being situated in far south west NSW, the FWJO region does not have easy access to meetings with members of the NSW government and Members of Parliament, therefore this valuable networking opportunity is a vital gateway for the purpose of incluencing policy that impacts the region and giving a voice to the far west communities.

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