Balranald Region

The Gateway to Outback NSW steeped in history and scenic beauty

A member of the Far West Joint Organisation, Balranald Shire Council is the local government authority for the Balranald region.  Situated 850km south west of Sydney and 450 km north of Melbourne, is the gateway to Outback NSW.

A Diverse Region

Where the production of grain, wool, sheep and cattle industries were once the primary drivers of the economy, primary producers are now diversifying to include grape, fruit and nut production.

Whilst contributing much to the economy, primary production is not the only economic driver for the region.  As a popular tourist destination, steeped in historic and scenic beauty with its unique landscapes, riverscapes and rugged outback, tourism is now recognised as an important economic driver for the region.



Member Organisations

Implemented to strengthen the strategic capability and delivery of regional priorities, the Far West Joint Organisation is a collaboration between the NSW government and four local government authorities: