About Us

Committed to creating stronger regions

Joint organisations are new local government entities with legal powers to support councils to work togeher for better rural and regional outcomes.  They are an important initiative of the New South Wales government to build stronger councils and improve service delivery and infrastructure across rural and regional communities.

The Far West Joint Organisation is one of the 13 Joint Organisations established with the aim of elevating the shared priorities of member councils’ strategic plans, programs, priorities and policies.

The proclamation of the Far West Joint Organisation (FWJO) was made on 6 July 2018 under the NSW Local Government Act.

Four Member Councils Make Up the FWJO

The FWJO member councils are committed to creating stronger regions through its Statement of Strategic Regional Priorities:

  • Regional Priorities – Establishing strategic regional priorities for Far West NSW to include the development of strategies and plans for the delivery of these priorities
  • Regional Leadership – Providing regional leadership through which the FWJO will be a mechanism for advocacy for the identified strategic regional priorities
  • Economic Opportunities – Identifying and taking up opportunities for collaboration with the NSW government to drive innovation, prosperity and growth in Far West NSW
Stronger Regions
Regional Priorities
Establish strategic regional priorities and develop strategies for their delivery
Regional Leadership
Provide regional leadership and advocacy
Economic Opportunities
Identify and take up opportunities for economic development